Who We Are

High-Performance Laser Systems

Representing an internationally recognized leading manufacturer of mobile and flexible laser systems for laser welding and power deposit welding, Kanwa Alpha Laser provides Laser Beam Welding (LBW) machines tailored to customer’s needs and applications.  

IN 2008

Kanwa began its Laser Beam Welding Journey from
Singapore to Malaysia and Indonesia by:

Supply & Sales
of LBW Machines

Maintenance & Repair
of LBW Machines

Development of New

Solving Client’s Welding
Concerns in Production

Why Choose Us

We don’t just sell machines,
we offer pragmatic
welding solutions.

We don’t just laser weld,
we are welders who accumulate
welding experiences.

We don’t just read process
requirements, we assist in
qualifying welding procedures.

Staff employee

Kanwa uses and distributes Alpha Lasers. They have been used internationally and proven over time for its Laser Beam Flexibility and High Reliability.