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ALM Laser Welding Machine

Open Laser



The ALM is one of the most versatile and flexible mobile laser welding system.

Serves the following industries:

  1. Toolmaking and Molding
  2. Welding and Repair
  3. Cast Repair
  4. Automotive
  5. Aerospace and Defence

The absence of a water-cooling provides mobility and easy maneuverability with minimum set-up time in customer’s facilities or onsite. Deploy in minutes!

Equipped with its electrohydraulic brakes, the laser resonator can be quickly positioned to its desired working position, providing a 360° rotation and lift angle of 40°.

Welding is done in both semi-automatic mode or with the joystick. A rotatable laser head, coupled with the optional turn and tilt objective, and variable focal distances lenses ensure laser beam can reach (almost) any point of the workpiece without requiring arduous movements.  Rotatable microscope also improves user ergonomics.

See how easy it is to operate:

See how easy it is to move the laser head:

Technical Data: