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VL-50 & ALS Laser Welding Machine

Closed Laser

VL-50 and ALS


A development from Alpha laser focusing on its stability with unique and increased flexibility while ensuring laser precision.

Serves the following industries:

  1. Dental and Medical
  2. Jewelry

The VL-50 is a compact laser welding system that can be used on a table top. 

External Dimensions: 510 x 645 x 430mm 


The ALS-100 is a taller and standalone laser welding system. 

External Dimensions: 570 x 850 x 1290mm

The VL-50 Tabletop Laser Welder is extremely compact but features a roomy working chamber. The VL-50’s laser beam can pulse up to 50 Watts and delivers a regular and strong, yet soft welding behavior.

Thanks to the ergonomic keyboard, display, joystick, and housing, concentrated working is possible for hours.


In medical technologies, such as in the manufacture of stents, the VL-50 Tabletop Laser Welder’s ability to spot weld and make fine, tear, and pore-free seams, ensures sterile surfaces in medical devices.


Similarities between both VL-50 and ALS-100: 


1) Space Saving- Small and Compact in Size 

2) Robust and Reliable laser beam- Homogenous fusion of exotic materials including Titanium, Silver and Gold etc. 
3) Spacious and Shielded Working Chamber – Good Ergonomics 

4) Workpiece Loaded by the front – Easy access


Differences between VL-50 and ALS-100: 

1) Laser Power 

2) Convertible to Open Working Chamber for ALS-100

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