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ALW Laser Welding Machine

Closed Laser



The ALW seated workplace laser welders feature a spacious, closed, working chamber. Designed for working in repair welding, manufacture of tools and molds

Serves the following industries:

  1. Toolmaking and Molding
  2. Sensor Manufacturing
  3. Precision Engineering
  4. Dental and Medical

The ALW is a comfortable, ergonomic and compact workstation that provides plenty of legroom and features a height-adjustable footplate that can be adjusted to suit the operator.Ergonomic workstation ensures long-term work with little fatigue.

Observation optics provide a variable viewing angle in the range of 10°-50°, which ensures comfortable work. The closed ALW protective cover makes the unit a laser-protected workplace and allows it to be used in a normal production environment without additional safety measures. Installation “All in one” (Table, laser, hood, security system)

The laser system is easy to operate. In addition to setting via the display, the laser parameters can be set using the patented multi-functional footswitch or adjusted accordingly during welding.It is ideal for automatic programmable laser welding.

The large and wide opening doors of the ALW allow for a wide opening, which ensures easy loading of workpieces.

ALW open Laser Welding Machine

See how ALW use sensor micro welding:

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