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ALO Laser Welding Machine

Closed Laser


CLOSED WELDING LASER SYSTEM: Manual and Multiangled Laser Beam

The ALO is a comfortable manual laser welding system that excels in performing manual laser for long components such as sensors within a shielded laser safety area.

Serves the following industries:

  1. Sensor and Manufacturing
  2. Dental and Medical
  3. Jewelry

If you want to weld long or bulky parts quickly, manually and flexibly or  if you are looking for a simple loading of parts within a shielded laser safety area, the ALO is the ideal device for you.


At the front, a large and wide opening of the working chamber allows for easy loading and unloading of workpiece. Easy positioning and safe welding of longer components efficiently and effectively.


An unique opening at the bottom of the working chamber also allows loading from below- Ideal for orbital welding of top caps.


All laser parameters can be adjusted within the working chamber fitted with an internal exhaust system. 

Additional rotational chuck can be integrated with the ALO.

ALO Inside View

See the various rotational devices the ALO can intergrade with:

Technical Data: