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AL-IN Laser Welding Machine

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The AL-IN system is a flexible laser system for welding of small and large components.

Serves the following industries:

  1. Toolmaking and Molding
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Welding and Repair
  4. Precision Engineering
  5. Cast Repair
  6. Aerospace and Defense

The system consists of a 150 W or 200 W laser for welding all common metals, a lifting column with X, Y and Z travel and a control unit for the axes. You can use the integrated touch panel to teach surfaces, access apps for rotary components or to control an optional wire feed system.


The parts to be welded can be positioned independently from the movement system because a wide variety of work tables can be placed in front of the lifting column.


Or you can weld directly on the pallet truck or pallet. This is possible because the resonator can be turned to the side or back (nearly 360°). The resonator, which sits in a slide rail, can also be placed far forward. This gives you the flexibility to weld small and large workpieces. Optionally we supply a fixed table top for the lifting column.


The special feature about the AL-IN is that it is not the workpiece that is moved, but the resonator.


Optionally you can get expansions such as: turn and tilt optics, the patented multifunction foot switch, an Ergo wedge, an axis of rotation, and a wire feed system.


XYZ Movement is by the laser resonator instead of worktable/workpiece. It comes with a lifting Z-axis column with XY travel using a single joystick. An integrated touch panel allows operators to access apps for uses such as (1) Rotary and Orbital welding of components and (2) Integration of an optional wire feed system. A wide variety of worktables can be placed in front of the lifting column. Alternatively, the resonator can be rotated the side and back (nearly 360°). This provides flexibility to weld workpieces placed on a pallet truck or pallet.

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