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AL-3D Print Laser Printer Machine

Closed Laser

AL-3D Print


Comprising of AL-3D Metal Cabin and Cartridge, Alpha Laser’s AL3D-METAL 250 simplifies print processes and is a simple and safe product into the world of additive manufacturing.

Serves the following industries:

  1. Precision Engineering
  2. Medical Technology
  3. Dental Technology
  4. Jewelry and Watches

The AL3D-METAL requires very little space. With a footprint of just 600 × 600 mm, this innovative closed powder circuit consists of the printer, chamber and platform, it optimizes powder metal and workplace area. Operate with ease along with its intuitive software!

Our 3D metal printer is equipped with a 200/250 W fiber laser, which ensures consistent and optimal printing results. Its fine 50 µm laser spot and the high beam quality are ideal for the production of finest and complex geometries.

Metal Cabin & Cartridge Holder

Alpha Laser’s AL3D-METAL 250 comprise of the AL-3D Metal Cabin with Cartridge. It simplifies print processes and is a simple and safe product in the world of additive manufacturing.

The AL-3D Cabin provides high powder yield. It allows for a clean separation of the sintered component from the residual powder and collects it for reuse. 

With a closed powder circuit, wastage of highly priced metal powders is minimized due to its small powder bed platform layout with integrated cleaning.

Especially in jewelry production, where high-priced metals must not be wasted, the closed powder circuit and the small construction platform size enable best material utilization. The sophisticated powder bed layout with integrated cleaning routine also provides a high powder yield. The closed gas cycle with housed filter cartridges ensures minimum gas consumption.


The AL3D Cartridge offers high operational safety for the user with a closed process chamber. Print safely with ZERO contact with metal powder! 


Print a different base metal without the worry of cleaning your whole system!  

It is fast, safe, and uncomplicated, even with frequent powder changes.

AL3D-Cartridge insertion
AL-3D in use

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